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Factory Divisions

Access Industries provides quality supported employment services for people with disabilities through its factory divisions. A wide range of employment opportunities exist through these divisions, including general process work involving packaging and assembly (all divisions), commercial sewing, timber pallets, custom built crates and timber dunnage at (Newcastle Division), and commercial laundry work (Lithgow).

Access Industries offers excellent employment conditions including a standard 34 hour working week for supported employees (usually Monday to Thursday inclusive), award-based wages, and occupational superannuation. A wide range of training opportunities is provided: including induction, on-the-job skills development, occupational health and safety, individual planning and, where appropriate, training in the use of public transport. A Welfare Officer is available to assist with personal needs. Eligibility Criteria.

If you would like to be considered for supported employment with Access Industries and would like further information please Contact Us.

Our factory divisions receive recurrent support from the Federal Government under the Disability Services Act, and all our services are required to meet the Commonwealth Disability Services Standards.