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Our Lithgow facility has provided a Commercial Laundry service to the Greater Blue Mountains since 1978.

The Laundry operates 5-6 days each week and employs about 27 people with disabilities together with a number of supervisors.

We launder to NSW Department of Health grade standards.

We service organisations such as Hospitals, Hotels, Motels, Restaurants and Convalescent Homes.

Our Laundry service includes washing, ironing and starching and if required we can also provide a regular pickup and delivery service.

We can supply all the linen and towels you require and we can also manage your stock-take.

We understand that a late laundry delivery can become a major issue for any business reliant on guests or patients. Not only do we provide an excellent day-to-day service, we have backup equipment in key areas to minimise the impact of breakdowns.

We also have access to a large flexible pool of people should the need arise especially during the peak seasons.

Like other aspects of Access Industries' work ethic, on time delivery and service quality are the key goals by which we measure our performance.

Achieving these goals has seen our Commercial Laundry enjoy a dramatic growth over the past few years and become one of the largest in the Greater Blue Mountain area.

To discuss any aspect of our Commercial Laundry service please Contact Us.