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General Packaging is the largest of the processing operations at Access Industries

General Packaging is conducted at all our facilities, located at Seven Hills, Erskine Park, Horsley Park, Newcastle and Lithgow.

With significant storage capacity and the ability to accept semi trailers and containers direct from the wharves, both our Seven Hills and Newcastle sites are ideal for large volume jobs.

Our site at Lithgow in the Blue Mountains, although a smaller facility, is ideal for smaller jobs and for servicing local area businesses.

We can do anything from placing a label on a carton to making an entire display unit and filling it.

All sites have a large pool of flexible resources to enable us to "gear up" quickly.

We can also source and order all the materials for you.

Modern packaging equipment including blister packing, skin packing, bundle wrapping and shrink wrapping assists our staff to process your work quickly and efficiently.

Our sydney operations are GMP run facilities and Newcastle is ISO 9001 Certified.

No matter which site the job is being completed at, Quality, On Time Delivery and Competitive pricing are our key priorities.

The emphasis we place on satisfying the needs of our customers has resulted in many "Blue Chip" organisations using Access Industries various services.

Many have used us for years.

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